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Fall Protection Accessories

Fall Protection FAQ's

Harnesses and lanyards occasionally need additional support devices, like extra padding and tool lanyards for construction. Discount Safety Gear carries reinforcements, such as safety harness shoulder pads and a seat pad. In case of suspension trauma, Miller’s Relief Step Safety Device can be added to a full body harness to alleviate the effects of blood pooling in the veins of the legs.

Aside from a tool lanyard, an anchorage connector can be beneficial in construction, as it attaches to a solid point, like an I-beam or column. Carabineers are also important in construction. They can connect to any free rope, like a lifeline, lanyard, or harness.
Our Safety Harness and Lanyard Accessories are a great addition to our North®, MSA and Miller® Fall Protection lines. We have everything from safety harness shoulder and back pads to carabineers, tool lanyards and lanyard connectors. We strive to bring you brand name safety harness accessories at the lowest possible price! View OSHA's Fall Protection Compliance Guidelines for Residential Construction.
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