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Fall Protection & Accessories

Preventing falls on the job is easier and cheaper when you shop our proven safety harnesses and other fall prevention equipment at Discount Safety Gear. We have safety lanyards and cross-over and full-body cheap safety harnesses by MSA, North, Miller, DBI Sala and other top brands. All our fall prevention equipment by FallTech and other leading manufacturers meets or exceeds OSHA, ANSI and CSA standards. Shop our double leg, self-retracting, shock absorbing and single leg safety lanyard styles. We have horizontal, vertical and self-retracting lifelines to prevent falls indoors or outside.

Shop our basic roofers' safety kits and scaffolding fall prevention kits for workers. Add our seat pads and safety harness shoulder pads to our harnesses and construction site lanyards. We have 150-foot controlled descent devices and adjustable confined space tripods with pulleys designed to accommodate winches. Find the right anchors and connectors to create a safer workplace.

For details about fall protection standards, regulations, safety harnesses, safety lanyards, and other safety harnesses and fall protection equipment, read OSHA's Reference Guide to fall protection. To protect a worker from falling, especially when he is working above the ground, a safety harness and lanyard are needed. Our store carries safety harnesses and lanyards made by DBI Sala, Miller, MSA, and North and all meet or exceed ANSI, OSHA, and CSA standards. All of our multiple safety harness have a full body or cross over design and are made with a vest style to fit body types up to 400lbs. Most are made from lightweight components, such as lightweight polyester straps and adjustable legs. In the case a worker needs more mobility, Miller makes harnesses from DuraFlex material. Safety lanyards are used to reduce the impact of a fall and come in such categories as shock absorbing, single and twin leg, fall restraint, and self-retracting. Shock absorbing lanyards are used when a free-fall distance exceeds two feet. Single and twin leg lanyards are similar in purpose to a shock absorbing lanyard but are for the construction industry and aerial lifts respectively. Fall restraint lanyards are used when the fall distance is two feet or less. They are for travel restriction and stabilization of a worker at an elevation. Self-retracting lanyards, or “lifelines,” are used in climbing instances to allow for freedom of movement but to limit free-fall. Our website also carries roofing and construction kits. For fall protection in the respective industries, the kits contain harnesses, lanyards, lifelines, and carry bags. A body belt can be used with a lanyard and harness but is not used for reducing the impact of a fall. A body belt will maintain a worker’s position but is only used for positioning.