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Safety Vests

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Safety vests fall into three categories: ANSI Class 2, non-ANSI, and cooling vests. Mesh is the common material for most safety vests. ANSI Class 2 safety vests, such as the economical Surveyor�s vest, are made from yellow or orange mesh material and have vertical and horizontal reflective stripes. In some cases, the safety vests can have two-tone Scotchlite reflective tape. Two pockets are usually on the inside of the vest.

A safety vest designed like a t-shirt, such as the Wicking T-shirt, is designed to reduce less layering and to replace safety vests over clothes. The Wicking T-shirt is made from polyester treated with Whisk-It to reduce perspiration. However, a t-shirt made from orange or yellow mesh is another option. For additional protection, we carry ANSI safety vest-like garments for the legs, such as the Hi-Viz Safety Shin Reflectors that fit over the knee and provide the lower legs with reflective tape.

Not all workers need safety vests that comply with ANSI Class 2 standards. Industries like construction, railroad work, and directing traffic need safety vests but the vests do not need to be ANSI Class 2. The non-ANSI vests are similar to ANSI safety vests. They are made from mesh and usually have reflective tape on both sides.

For certain high-temperature work situations, a cooling vest is beneficial. One of our designs maintains a temperature of 65 for two to three hours and can be work under Hazmat suits against the body. The cooling liquid inside may come a solid but will not freeze like ice. Similarly, Miracool has a cooling vest which, after soaking in water from 10 to 20 minutes, will stay hydrated for several days. The vest does not require any freezing.

Like our hard hats, our safety vests can be customized with artwork or logos.