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Welding Safety


Welding helmets come in standard or variable lens designs. Our most popular makers are Fibre Metal and Jackson. Jackson makes their welding helmets with a narrow design, thermoplastic shell, and extended front to increase throat protection. Jackson also makes many of the designs of the Head Turner series, such as flames and patriotic designs, for welding helmets. Variable lens helmets have an auto-darkening lens or a solar powered lens for certain work conditions.

We carry welding goggles with and without lifting shields. However, although goggles protect the eyes from sparks, metal splatter, and debris, they should be worn with a shield or welding helmet.

Welding clothing is made with leather, flame resistant, or flame retardant material. Welding gloves are often leather reinforced with Kevlar, but jackets, cape sleeves, bib aprons, caps, and coveralls are generally made from one of the above materials.

For the workplace, welding blankets and curtains are a necessity. Curtains are made from vinyl and protect the worker from UV radiation. Although the curtains come in a few colors, the preferred color is still green. Welding blankets are made of fiberglass and coated with neoprene. They offer spark and splatter protection and can be used in working temperatures up to 1000F. In addition, we also carry a few first aid kits in case of cuts, burns, or other injuries on the job.