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Buy the right 3M respirators for the job at the lowest price from Discount Safety Gear. We have full-face and half-face 3M face masks that comply with National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) recommendations. We have the best 3M mask styles and 3M mask filters to protect against airborne particles and mists while sweeping, sanding, grinding, bagging, sawing, welding and performing other industrial work. We have light duty particulate respirators by 3M and economically priced half-mask multi-gas respirators.

Enjoy a comfortable fit, optimum field of vision and smart head harness designs on many of these respirators. Our disposable dust masks by 3M have a 95 percent efficiency rating for blocking non-oil particulates. Standardize your facility's readiness for respiratory requirements with discount prices on more than 10 models of full-face respirators. Choose reusable or disposable respirator masks. We have the replacement filters and 3M replacement cartridges you need, too, including organic vapor, mercury vapor or chlorine gas and organic vapor/acid gas respirator styles. Shop our welding respirators with face shields. Make sure your workforce has fitted its respirators correctly with our 3M equipment with training materials included to test face masks for the proper fit. Save on all our construction site gear.