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Ear Protection

Ear Protection

Browse our wide selection of hearing protection products including disposable ear plugs, ear muffs, PPE dispensers, reusable ear plugs, and electronic ear protection that allows radio transmissions while blocking loud noises. Our affordable ear muffs come in cap mounted and headband styles for the option to use them with or without a hard hat.

Many construction and industrial workers suffer from significant hearing loss after 15 to 20 years of being subjected to continual noise from machinery, day-to-day activities, tools, and traffic. Hearing loss can play a dramatic impact on the quality of life and can also start safety problems on and off the job. However, hearing loss in industrial and construction settings is preventable through using the proper hearing protection.

Protect your ears with our safety ear protection earmuffs and protective ear plugs from Discount Safety Gear in sizes for men and women, and youth sizes for boys and girls. Shop top safety ear protection brands like 3M, MSA, Pyramex, E.A.R., North and Moldex. We offer bargain prices on ear plugs and accessories from Max Light, Howard Leight and Gateway Safety. Choose corded, non-corded, electronic, reusable or disposable ear plugs. We have cap-mounted, electronic, multiple-position and over-the-head safety ear muff styles.

Choose over-the-head ear muffs with double-shell technology designed to protect your ears at worksites with noise levels up to 105dBA. Or, consider economically priced un-corded disposable earplugs with a tapered design for easy insertion. We have attachable ear plugs for worksite safety glasses. Shop our money-saving earplug stations that hold up to 250 ANSI S3.19 ear plugs. The bright colors on these earplugs make it easy to check for worker compliance at high-noise work sites. We also carry electronic ear plugs and ear muffs that allow radio trans missions while suppressing harmful noises.

At Discount Safety Gear, we carry Noise Canceling Headsets, Band Type Ear Muffs, Ear Caps, Ear Muffs, Disposable Ear Plugs, and Reusable Ear Plugs. So whatever your situation may be, you're almost guaranteed to find something that suits your needs.