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First Aid Frequently Asked Questions

First Aid FAQ’s

Q: Are North Redi-Care Kits™ waterproof?

A: No, they are not. You do not want to store a North Redi-Care Kit where it will be exposed to excessive amounts of moisture.

Q: Do North Redi-Care Kits have an expiration date?

A: Like all first aid kits, certain items inside the Redi-Care Kit will have an expiration date. If an item does have an expiration date, it is clearly marked on the product and packaging. The length of the shelf life will vary by item.

Q: How do I decide which kit size I need?

A: OSHA requires that someone familiar with your work environment(s) and knowledgeable in first aid approve the first aid kit contents. Although this person can be the company doctor, it does not have to be. To determine the best mix of first aid items, review injury and accident logs to find out the types of injuries occurring. Select the kit that contains the first aid items needed to treat these injuries. More than one type of kit may be needed if you have various work environments. For example, you may want to have more burn treatment in a welding area than in a warehouse environment.

Q: Can I use eyewash stations and bottles instead of a shower, hose or faucet?

A: The solution is meant to supplement self-plumbed or self-contained drenching facilities. They can be used when the victim is on their way to a shower or facility. They do not take the place of a 15-minute eyewash flushing facility.

Q: How do I know when North eyewash is no longer effective?

A: There is a date stamped on every bottle. The expiration date is 3 years from the date of manufacture.