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Flammable Storage

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Flammable Storage containers and cabinets are necessary for storing toxic and hazardous liquid chemicals. All of Justrite's safety containers are compliant with OSHA and NFPA standards. These containers are made from 18-gauge double walled steel, galvanized steel shelves, and have self-latching doors and a leak tight bottom sump. The containers are coated with epoxy/polyester powder paint.

Flammable Storage Cans come as Type 1 or Type 2 designs. Type 1 holds at least one gallon and his a single spout. The container is designed to resist chemicals, but also stand up to abuse. Type 2 has two openings, one with a flexible metal hose and the second opens strictly for filling. For elevated temperatures, the container has a fusible link that will melt at 165F to prevent pressure from building up.

Cabinets will store multiple containers of hazardous materials. Each cabinet has self-latching doors and welded construction to reduce fire risks. Oily waste cans prevent risks associated with solvent soaked clothes and oily rags from coming in contact with oxygen.

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