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Hard Hat General Information

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MSA V-Gard
The V-Gard hard hats are made of Polyethylene shell, and you have a choice of suspension system. V-Gards meet or exceed all applicable requirements for a Type I (top impact) helmet as outlined in ANSI Z89.1 2003, Class E, and also as outlined in CSA Z94.1-2005 (Class E). The NFL V-Gard hard hats come with the comfortable strap-adjustable, 1-Touch™ suspension which offers superior quality and comfort. These popular V-Gard Caps meet or exceed all applicable requirements for ANSI Z89.1-2003 for a Type I helmet. Safety directors appreciate how NFL and College V-Gard Caps complement their safety programs. More workers are inclined to wear the necessary protective hard hat, and wearer acceptance will have an obvious rise. MSA Suspensions have numerous different suspensions to fit each user type. The Staz-On system has a four-point webbed suspension. Adjustable dual nylon crown straps can be fixed to your custom comfort level, and also provided is a perforated vinyl sweatband. Fas-Trac suspension systems are great for all-day comfort, and a large knob is there for quick and easy adjustment. A comfortable four-point webbed suspension has an adjustable dual nylon crown strap along with a perforated vinyl sweatband which wipes clean easily. The Swing-Ratchet suspension easily converts your V-Gard®, Topgard®, Thermalgard® or Skullgard® hat or cap from the normal wearing position to the reverse or backwards position without having to remove the suspension. The Swing-Ratchet has a 360° perforated sweatband to enhance comfort and ease of use. With the Swing-Ratchet, you are guaranteed correct positioning, which will maximize your comfort and stability. The 1-Touch suspension system is the first real innovation in suspension adjustment in 20 years. It features an easy squeeze opening for one hand slide adjustments. That comfortable and stable fit is also enhanced by the adjustable dual nylon straps. UniPro suspension for basic comfort and Energy-absorbing has a four-point one-piece plastic suspension. The integral nape strap sits low on the back of the head with a baseball-cap-style pin lock adjustment to keep in place. Also provided is a comfortable and absorbent replaceable sweatband.
Freedom Series of V-Gard
Hardhat wearers can express their patriotism and protect their heads by wearing one of MSA’s new special series called “Freedom Series.” The bright designs are exceptionally attractive, with a superior shiny finish, on the V-Gard® shell. The Freedom Series comes with MSA’s Fas-Trac® suspension, which provides a lightweight, durable, and comfortable feel. MSA hard hats meet all applicable requirements of ANSI Z89.1 for a Type I helmet (Class E). The helmet’s accessory slots accept all MSA V-Gard accessories.
Seven designs are available:
  • American Eagle on a black cap with large eagle on the front, United States of America imprinted underneath with flowing U.S. flags on each side, cap style only.
  • Camouflage cap with an American flag on front (decal) and “Support Your Troops” on back comes in cap and full brim styles.
  • American Flag with two Eagles, the waving American flag is over the entire shell with two golden eagles on each side, comes in both cap and full brim.
  • American Stars and Stripes is presented with red and white stripes on front, white stars on blue field over the rest of the shell, available in cap and full brim styles.
  • Dual American Flags wave on each side, available in cap style only.
  • Patriotic Canadian hard hat has a red maple leaf design and only comes in cap style.
  • Patriotic Mexican hard hat has an eagle seal on cap front with a Mexican flag on each side, available in cap style only.
Skullgard hard hats are heavy-duty for use in seriously threatening industries like steel mills and situations where there are elevated temperatures. They meets or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003, Class G (electrical, low voltage). You may choose from a variety of suspensions like Staz-On®, Fas-Trac®, and Swing-Ratchet Suspensions.
Vented Advance V-Gard
Advanced V-Gard hard hats provide cooling vents for improved air circulation and comfort. They are constructed out of Polyethylene shell with a 6-point Fas-Trac Ratchet Suspension for superior protection and comfort.
Topgard hard hats are lightweight and durable with good dielectric properties. Topgard slotted hats meet or exceed the applicable requirements for a Type I helmet (top impact) as outlined in ANSI Z89.1-2003 and CSA Z94.1-2005, Class E (electrical –high voltage). Limited resistance to top impact or penetration is retained through use within a wide range of temperatures. Topgard caps not specifically designed to protect against lateral blows from the front, side, or rear.

NorthNorth uses HDPE (High Density Polyethylene) designed specifically for use in hard hats made from 100% virgin material and is protected from UV radiation using a special additive. Mainly used for vertical protection from objects, but some models by North withstand lateral impact. North has multiple different types of suspensions for all user types. Quick Fit suspensions use an easy-to-adjust system of interlocking teeth for a firm hold. Simply squeeze the buckle tabs to loosen the band, and slide to tighten. North Ratchet suspensions feature an extra-secure and comfortable grip that lets the wearer work in any position without fear of slippage. Simply twist the knob to adjust for custom size and comfort. The four point Pin Lock headband is sturdy and easy to use.
The Matterhorn
All-purpose lateral impact hard hat with foam liner, HDPE outer shell grooved for rigidity, rain trough and accessory slots. Choice of unique quick fit or ratchet suspension, both with forehead comfort band and crown pad, offering workers greater choice and comfort. Both suspensions feature a four point nylon web cradle with three-level height adjustment.
Wide brim HDPE hard hats are great for protection from the sun's harmful UV rays, rain and falling debris. Ideal for mining, forestry, utilities, the oil industry and other demanding environments associated with outdoor applications. Accessory slots make this the first wide brim hard hat to accept face and hearing protection accessories for the fullest available protection. Choice of high quality suspensions designed for comfort, with forehead comfort band and crown pad plus 2-level height adjustment with self centering.
The Peak
A versatile and dependable design, with grooved HDPE outer shell, rain trough and accessory slots. Choice of four point, nylon web or plastic suspension, with pin lock or ratchet size adjustment and all suspension choices feature three-level height adjustment.
Bump Cap
This low hazard bump cap is well ventilated and lightweight for total wearer comfort protecting you from possible scrapes or small bumps to the head. Not intended for use where ANSI approved head protection is required.

BullardThe Bullard head protection product line is a selection of classically styled models. Wide profile design which helps enhance ventilation providing an increase in protection from the sun, while offering greater comfort for outdoor applications. All Classic hard hats and caps are made from High-Density Polyethylene and come equipped with Bullard four-point or six-point Self-Sizing or Flex-Gear® Ratchet suspensions system (product dependent). Both suspension systems allow for a truly customized fit with 1” wide nylon straps and vertical adjustment snaps on the front, side and rear of the headband forming the basis for a truly customized fit without removing the suspension. An absorbent cotton brow pad provides a base for superior comfort. All classic hats and caps conform to ANSI Z89.1-2003, Type I, Class E and G for Industrial Head Protection. The Standard by Bullard takes style and comfort to a new level. A low-profile shell, along with Bullard’s three-rib design and patented suspension system, provide maximum comfort with a look workers prefer.
Bullard Model 3000
This is the basic model from Bullard and is one of the most popular hard hats on the market. A wider profile protects against sun exposure and threatening weather. Your logo can be applied in any of eight different locations. Ratchet sizing or standard suspensions are available providing comfort and diversification for most applications.
Bullard Model 303 Full brim
Offers increased protection from harmful UV rays, glare, splash and rain. America's most popular full brim hard hat can easily be striped and imprinted with your logo, and it also has accessory slots which accept a wide variety of attachments.
Bullard 5100
Bullard has developed a hard hat with a signature for style and versatility just as much as quality and protection. These hats are lightweight, low profile and have a low center of gravity providing exceptional balance. Available with a four-point self-sizing or Flex-Gear® ratchet suspension system, which offers perfect sizing and comfort. Made from high-density polyethylene, the 5100 meets ANSI Z89.1-2003 Class E + G requirements.
Bump Cap
The Bullard MK2V Bump Cap provides bump and scrape protection for a variety of industries including food/beverage processing, auto repair, utility meter reading, pest control, and fruit harvesting. Unlike other competing bump cap products, this cap accommodates a faceshield bracket and visor. Not intended for use where ANSI approved head protection is required.

Fibre-MetalCap and Full Brim
Fibre-Metal is the acknowledged leader in protective Cap and Full Brim hard hats. It maintains this position through continuous innovation, resulting in today's high performance SUPEREIGHT Models. The unique, smooth crown reduces the risk of impacting objects being trapped by ribs, ridges or slots. Head size is selected by a convenient rear-located mechanism. The headband can be tilted to a comfortable angle while the cap remains level. It can also be raised, lowered or moved front-to-rear within the shell for maximized comfort and protection. Fibre-Metals technically advanced suspension has eight load bearing points which is twice as many as ordinary caps. To stabilize and balance the cap on impact, the energy is absorbed through the eight points suspension which dissipates the force by reducing it into smaller increments and spreading it over a greater area. The industry's only 360° sweatband is padded for comfort and perforated to allow air to circulate for a cooling effect. Unlike partial, sewn-in sweatbands, the SUPEREIGHT's model band is easily removed for cleaning or to be replaced. The sweatband is interchangeable with the Action-Gear Ratchet suspension and headband for extreme working conditions. Fibre-Metal has provided a more technologically sound hard hat through protection and comfort. The high end Action-Gear Ratchet suspension is easily adjusted and provides top notch protection and comfort. Fibre-Metal surrounds you with a sense of precision protection and comfort stability. Fire-Metal also has a series of decorative hard hats. A Cap Spirit of America and a Full Brim Spirit of America captures the glorious American flag and Bald Eagle with a shinny gloss finish. Fibre-Metal also has a decorative hard hat for all of those Texans out there in hard hat land. It has the Texas flag waving ever so gently along with a line of text, which states "don't mess wtih Texas."


New Cap Hard Hat - Snap Lock Suspension Pyramex hard hats feature shells constructed from high density polyethylene and a low profile design. Pyramex hard hats come with a replaceable soft brow pad and 4 point snap lock suspension. Rain trough on sides and back of helmet channel moisture away. Universal accessory slots fit cap-mounted ear muffs and chin straps.
Cap and Full Brim
Cap and full brim style hard hats are constructed from High-Density Polyethylene. A low profile design with rain trough on sides and back of helmet to channel the moisture away. Soft brow pad is easily replaced and/or washable. Also universal accessory slots fit cap mounted ear muffs and chin straps. A four point nylon suspension comes in either Snap Lock and or Ratchet styles. The Ratchet suspension is easy to adjust while wearing for custom comfort settings. Meets ANSI Z89.1 standards, type 1- class C, G, and E.
Bump caps
Pyramex bump caps come with a four point standard suspension which is easy to adjust. The shell is constructed from lightweight thermal plastic with air holes on both sides of the cap for ventilation. The soft foam sweatband is removable and washable. This cap is not designed to meet the ANSI Z89.1-1997 class C, G and E.

VulcanThis Vulcan Cowboy Hard Hat will spur your workers to wear their head protection even when the foreman's not around. Compliance with ANSI Z89.1, Type I, Class E, G & C. Outer shell is of high-density Polyethylene that resists penetration, deflects blows to the head from falling objects, reduces danger from exposure to low and high voltage electrical conductors, is slow burning and water resistant. The design features a custom curled extra wide brim for more UV and rain protection than standard or full brim hard hats, plus a vintage inspired pinch-front top for authentic appeal and a date of manufacture embossed into the inside shell. Regular suspension has an ultra soft yet strong, super comfortable, 6 load bearing points of woven nylon web with crown strap system that acts as a rugged shock absorber. 6-Point Squeeze-Lock sizing adjustment or adjustable 6-Point Ratchet sizing suspension systems provide a secure and comfortable fit in 1/8" increments. A detachable plush cotton terry is laminated over soft foam forming a front sweatband to enhance comfort and snug sizing without leaving marks on forehead.
Bump Cap
Vulcan by OccuNomix created the sporty style, fun to wear, Baseball Cap Bump Cap "BCBC" with solid PE Cap Insert. The outer poly/cotton baseball cap is a one size fits all, high profile, six panel design with top of cap holes for cooling air flow. Inside, a separate hard plastic Polyethylene (PE) shell cap insert encircles the top, front and sides of the head to protect against bumps and scrapes. The PE Insert is perfect for those workers who like to wear baseball caps because they can secure them into their favorite "high profile" or "pro-style" hat of choice. Plus, there are no replacement parts. Ideal for work areas such as food/beverage processing, meat packing, warehousing, auto repair, home inspection, various types of mechanical work, meter reading or pest control, where blows to back of head are not an issue. Not intended for use where ANSI approved head protection is required.

JacksonHead turners
Designs withstand temperature variances, humidity, and exposure to UV light for long-lasting wear. The head turner series is a collection of artistic beauty, standing out because of the vibrant colors which jump off the hats at whoever is looking. Jackson has created six designs within the head turners style cap, Glory Design, Razor Design, American Flag Design, HellRaiser Design, Inferno Design, and Fire and Ice Design. A four point Ratchet suspension provides a secure fit along with the replaceable sweatband combine for comfort and easy adjustments.
Full brim head turners
The full brim design is light weight and has a low profile offering more coverage from UV rays and adverse weather conditions. The head turner series is a collection of artistic beauty, standing out because of the vibrant colors which jump off the hats at whoever is looking. Two different styles are available in the full brim design, Glory Design and the HellRaiser Design. A four point Ratchet suspension provides a secure fit along with the replaceable sweatband combine for comfort and easy adjustments.
Short Billed
They have a slotted design and are constructed of dielectric plastic. They have an impact absorbing design with a deep nape strap and soft absorbent cloth sweatband for a firm comfortable fit. This short billed hard hat from Jackson can be worn with the bill in a forward position with a welding helmet while still meeting ANSI standards.

Where does OSHA fit in?

Product standards determine performance requirements, and certification indicates conformity to standards. How those products are installed and used in the workplace falls under OSHA.

OSHA standards and regulations may mandate the use of a product that meets a standard, but not specify how that product is certified. For example, the OSHA PPE standards require that hard hats, safety glasses and safety footwear meet specific ANSI standards; the OSHA respirator standard requires that products be NIOSH approved. OSHA officials often participate in the development of those standards, and ANSI and OSHA work in close cooperation.

OSHA does not certify or approve any products. Any claim that a product is “OSHA approved” is misleading. Occupational Safety and Health Standards for General Industry (29 CFR PART 1910) 1910.135(a) General requirements. 1910.135(a) (1) The employer shall ensure that each affected employee wears a protective helmet when working in areas where there is a potential for injury to the head from falling objects. 1910.135(a) (2) The employer shall ensure that a protective helmet designed to reduce electrical shock hazard is worn by each such affected employee when near exposed electrical conductors which could contact the head. 1910.135(b) Criteria for protective helmets. 1910.135(b) (1) Protective helmets purchased after July 5, 1994 shall comply with ANSI Z89.1-1986, "American National Standard for Personnel Protection-Protective Head wear for Industrial Workers-Requirements,” which is incorporated by reference as specified in Sec. 1910.6, or shall be demonstrated to be equally effective. 1910.135(b) (2) Protective helmets purchased before July 5, 1994 shall comply with the ANSI standard "American National Standard Safety Requirements for Industrial Head Protection," ANSI Z89.1-1969, which is incorporated by reference as specified in Sec. 1910.6, or shall be demonstrated by the employer to be equally effective. [59 FR 16362, April 6, 1994; 61 FR 9227, March 7, 1996; 61 FR 19547, May 1, 1996] American National Standard for Industrial Head Protection This is the fifth revision of the standard that provides performance and testing requirements for industrial helmets, commonly known as hard hats. It is a revision of ANSI Z89.1-1997, which established the types and classes of protective helmets, depending on the type of hazard encountered. The 1997 version included specifications for helmets designed to offer protection from lateral impact, or top-only impact, giving employers and users the flexibility to specify the helmet that best meets the needs of their specific workplace.

Industrial head protective helmets meeting the requirements of the 2003 standard are classified as Type I for top protection or Type II for lateral impact protection. Both types are tested for impact attenuation and penetration resistance. Type II helmet performance requirements include criteria for impact energy attenuation from impacts from the front, back and sides as well as the top; off-center penetration resistance, and chin strap retention.

The three classes indicate the helmets electrical insulation rating, unchanged from 1997:

Class E (electrical) are tested to withstand 20,000 volts;

Class G (general) helmets are tested at 2200 volts; and

Class C (conductive) provide no electrical protection.

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