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LED Lights

LED Lights

LED flashlights allow for longer battery life, brighter light, and more shock resistance. We carry LED flashlights by StreamLight and Bright Star.

StreamLight designs are Stylus, an LED pen flashlight; Trident Headlamp; Propolymer LED flashlight; the SL, a rechargeable personal flashlight; the Fire Vulcan lantern; and the Survivor, a right-angle flashlight with an 8,500 peak beam of candle power. Bright Star has the Trooper II LED flashlight, which is water resistant, has a focused beam, and a bulb that lasts over 50,000 hours.
These LED flashlights by StreamLight® and Bright Star® use the latest technology to provide longer battery life, brighter lights, and better shock resistance than other bulb types. StreamLight will repair, replace or refund the purchase price of their product if it does not work or you manage to break it for as long as you own it! Excludes abuse, batteries, bulbs and chargers.