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Choose from a variety of safety glasses cleaner, lens cleaning stations and novelettes from manufacturers including MSA, Uvex™ and Pyramex®. For all types of eyewear or eye protection. Cleaners are antifog and anti static.
Our safety glasses and goggles are designed with industrial and construction applications in mind, and meets ANSI Z87.1. We offer all the top brands of safety glasses including Starlite, Crews, Jackson, Wiley X, AO Safety,Harley Davidson, Pyramex, MSA, North, Uvex, and Orange County Chopper. We also offer safety goggles, safety visors & brackets and eyewash stations. Our eyewear accessories include safety glasses antifog cleaner, eyeglass cases and cords and side shields.

Your eyes need protection from dust, flying debris, chemical splashes, and foreign objects whether working inside in a factory or outside. All of our safety glasses and goggles are made with industrial and construction workers in mind and comply with ANSI Z87.1 standards. Browse our website for safety glasses and goggles according to price, including bulk discounts, and brand names. We carry prescription safety glasses with rx inserts by Uvex, North, and Wiley X. Our safety glasses can be designed to match your eyeglass prescription with our very own lens cutting service. For those who wear bifocals regularly, we carry bifocal safety glasses we also can outfit your prescription lenses with bifocals, trifocals, and progressive lenses.! Our safety glasses come in as many varieties as sunglasses but cost much less. Depending on your working conditions, we carry clear safety glasses, safety sunglasses, and mirror lens safety glasses. Safety sunglasses can be like tinted safety glasses, with lenses coming in blue, amber, green, or red-orange tints. For visitors observing a factory or similar work environment, we carry visitors’ safety glasses. The glasses are wraparound safety glasses for factory and warehouse visits. The frames also have vented side shields and peripheral vision. Women and children, whether in an educational or working environment, also have custom safety glasses in our store. Our child safety glasses are designs Pyramex Mini-Ztek and MSA Small Faces, which are similar to larger designs but for someone with a smaller head. In a work environment with chemicals, whether in a professional or educational laboratory, chemical safety glasses and goggles are recommended. Chemical safety glasses are made from highly durable frames and are designed with side shields to protect eyes from minor chemical splashes. Safety goggles have a similar purpose and design but are specifically used for lab work. Safety goggles have adjustable headbands and often have lenses coated with Duramass scratch-resistant coating. For extreme instances, some safety goggles are treated to prevent fogging lenses and are made from material to self-seal small scratches.

Protection for the entire face can come from a detachable face shield, such as the Jackson "The Shield," or a full face plastic shield, such as an Uvex bionic face shield. Detachable face shields, held in place by a visor and brackets, are only a secondary form of protection. Primary protection should come from a pair of safety goggles or glasses.

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Custom Hard Hats. Low minimum orders! We imprint on all top brands including MSA, Bullard, Pyramex, North & Fibre Metal. Includes image of yellow hard hat.