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Office & Warehouse Kits

Office & Warehouse Kits carries office and industrial first aid kits manufactured by North Safety and Certified Safety Manufacturing. From personal kits for your home or car, to large first aid kits for the workplace, we strive to give you the best first aid products at the lowest prices.. All first aid kits, except the Redi-Care Promotional kit,are ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant. Questions involving any of the first aid products we sell and the regulations surrounding them, please visit our First Aid FAQ's page. Whether for a small office or a work setting with 100 people, we carry first aid kits to accommodate various workplace sizes. Our office first aid kit is designed for a small office setting and comes as a vertical cabinet filled with the most practical first aid products. For a larger workplace, we have industrial metal cabinets with more variety of first aid products. We carry general first aid kits for workplaces ranging from 10 to 100 people. Our Economy and General Purpose first aid kits include the most practical first aid materials. The Elite design has similar materials but the case has a bracket for wall mounting. North Safety also makes Bulk First Aid kits for 10 to 100 people, which are ideal for manufacturing settings, as it carries a variety of first aid supplies. The plastic box is also waterproof. Specifically for warehouses, we make first aid kits with supplies geared toward warehouse safety in 16 and 24-person sizes. In case of small fires or chemical burns in a workplace, we also sell burn stations and fire blankets. Our burn station is constructed from polystyrene and can be mounted to a wall with tape or screws. A fire blanket is ideal in case of small fires in a workplace. Instead of using wool, our fire blankets are woven from a mixture of NOMEX/Kevlar, which is more effective when dampening a small fire.