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Half Face Masks

Half Face Masks

Outfit your work crews with top brands in half-face particulate respirators at discount prices from Discount Safety Gear. We half-face respirator masks by leading makers like 3M. MSA, North and Survivair. Shop by price to stay on budget, and enjoy bulk-buy discounts with free shipping on qualifying orders. We have half-mask respirators with silicone face pieces and adjustable straps to improve comfort, as well as perspiration ports to reduce slipping and skin irritation. Shop our organic vapor respirators that are NIOSH-approved to protect against organic vapors and particulates such as those found in spray painting, agriculture and pesticide application settings.

We carry lightweight respirators in half-mask styles with multi-gas cartridges. We have specially contoured half-face breathing masks designed to offer a wider field of vision and easier breathing for less worker fatigue. Also shop our full-face mask respirators to protect your respiratory system, eyes and face. We have respirator accessories competitive with our half-face and full-face respirator mask styles.