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Travel & Car Kits

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Our kits specifically for travel and auto are similar to our individual safety kits. They come in a portable nylon sack and are small enough to be taken anywhere. We also carry specific vehicle first aid kits. The first aid materials, such as bandages, iodine wipes, and burn cream, are all unitized inside a box, which is dust and moisture resistant. For water travel, we have a boaters/US Coast Guard first aid kit. The kit complies with the USCG-code of Federal Regulations. All of the materials are shrink-wrapped and auto-bagged for water resistance. Instead of a box, all of the first aid materials come in a clear zip lock bag. carries travel and auto first aid kits manufactured by North Safety and Certified Safety Manufacturing. We strive to give you the best first aid products at the lowest prices.. All first aid kits, except the Redi-Care Promotional kit,are ANSI Z308.1-2003 compliant. Questions involving any of the first aid products we sell and the regulations surrounding them, please visit our First Aid FAQ's page.