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Customized Construction Hard Hats for Sale - Branded or Personalized for Work

Custom hard hats from Discount Safety Gear are a great way to make sure that your workers can be identified, that they are safe and also protected while on the job. Hard hats are a necessary part of any job site and Discount Safety Gear provides a wide selection of customized hard hats to fit any need.

Custom hard hats from Discount Safety Gear are designed to meet or exceed industry safety standards, so you can be sure that your workers are going to be protected. With a variety of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you can customize your hard hats to fit the look and feel of your company.

From bright colors to reflective strips, you can make sure that your workers are easily identifiable and have the protection they need. We also offer a variety of hard hat accessories, such as face shields and chin straps, to provide additional safety and comfort. With these accessories, you can make sure that your workers are able to stay safe, comfortable, and focused on the task at hand.

In addition to the variety of hard hats, Discount Safety Gear also offers a great selection of safety glasses, earplugs, and other safety items to make sure that your workers are properly protected. With these items, you can make sure that your workers are able to stay safe and focused on the job.

With the wide selection of styles, colors, and sizes to choose from, you can easily customize your hard hats or safety helmets to fit the needs of your company. With the added safety items and accessories, you can make sure that your workers are able to stay safe and comfortable.

Outfit your work site crew with custom hard hats imprinted with your choice of names or logos from Discount Safety Gear. We will imprint on all top brands, including MSA, Bullard, Pyramex, North and other makers of safety hard hats. Get started with a minimum order of just 20 logo-imprinted hard hats with no set-up fee. With a set-up fee, there's no hard hat minimum. Just upload your logo to be imprinted.

We also have MSA V-Gard hard hats with Fas-Trac III four-point shock absorbing suspension construction available in your choice of colors and names or logos. This hat meets all ANSI/ISEA Z89.1-2014 Type I, Class E and CSA Z94.1-2005 requirements. We have custom Ridgeline Bump Cap styles with four-point snap-lock suspension. We have custom hard hats by Bullard in stock, and we can custom imprint cowboy hat-style hard hats. We also have custom Fibre-metal hard hats available like theCustom Fibre Metal SuperEight Ratchet Hard Hat.Choose one of our custom hat styles, or choose another work site hard hat style and order imprints.

Can you customize hard hats with your printed business logo or graphic?

Yes, you can use your company logo or graphic. Check out our video on how Custom Hard Hats are Made.

What do the different colors of hard hats mean?

Hard hats come in a variety of colors and it's not just for looks! Each color represents either a different trade or level of management while on the job. The colors of a hard hat are important as they allow personal on the job site to easily recognize the purpose of a individual while on the site. The most common color hard hat that you see is Orange and Yellow. Orange and Yellow Hard Hats represent workers who are laborers in construction or other heavy labor work. For supervisor or manager you will typically see them wearing a White Hard Hat. Blue Hard Hats represent electricians. Brown Hard Hats are worn by those who are welders or who are working with high heat. Green Hard Hats are worn by safety officers, Red Hard Hats are seen worn by firefighters. Pink Hard Hats are often worn by female workers. Grey Hard Hats indicate that they are a visitor to the site.

What does a black hard hat mean?

Black Hard Hats can mean you are the boss or supervisor for the project, White Hard Hats can also signify you are manager or supervisor.

Are carbon fiber hard hats worth it? Hydro Dipped Custom Hard Hats

Yes! Carbon Fiber Hard Hats are a excellent choice and a favorite among the US Military and even NASA because of their incredible quality and sleek design. They are highly resistant to impact, scratches and dents.