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Timberland PRO - Safety work footwear for men and women

Maintain your unstoppable outstanding performance on any challenging job site and weather condition by gearing up with Timberland Pro safety footwear. Discount Safety Gear has the privilege of offering one of the most trusted names when it comes to making the safest work boots and shoes to use in rugged workplaces. Timberland Pro works as hard as you do in the toughest working environments, made even more difficult with the presence of hazardous elements and weather conditions.

Standing and walking all day in different terrains won't be too hard when you have protective footwear that also brings comfort and convenience that lasts. Timberland Pro provides a durable design from the footwear's upper body down to the soles. This brand is the perfect solution for your safety footwear needs that withstands any season. Be successful in taking on the tasks assigned to you on construction, industrial, factory, warehouse, and other job sites filled with risky elements. Impress yourself by ordering a pair of Timberland Pro at Discount Safety Gear.

Why do construction workers wear Timberland?

Construction work exposes laborers to various dangers that may lead to serious injuries or fatalities. Timberland Pro guarantees each worker's protection by securing your feet with dependable safety features that construction workers can find comfort in. Timberland Pro's array of work footwear styles comply with OSHA standards, having puncture- and slip-resistant boots and shoes with safety toe caps to deflect impact and compression against falling objects or heavy equipment on a construction site. This brand comes with anti-fatigue technology, waterproof and breathable membrane, and insulating properties to warrant comfortable wear while being in action at the workplace. What more can you ask for? Timberland Pro has the protection you need to keep your feet away from impairment or permanent disability.

What are good Timberland Pro steel-toe work shoes?

Timberland Pro's Pit Boss Steel Toe Work Boot, also with a Pit Boss Electric-Hazard safety version, are some of the best safety toe boots Timberland Pro offers hardworking people engaged in manual labor. The Pit Boss line warrants durability and stability with its Goodyear Welt construction, a special nylon shock diffusion plate, and cast metal top hooks. This footwear gives undeniable comfort by having padded top collars, polyurethane midsoles, open-cell antimicrobial-treated footbeds, and comfort suspension technology to minimize foot fatigue. The Timberland PRO Pit Boss is made with slip-, oil-, abrasion-, and heat-resistant rubber outsoles. Its steel toe caps promise injury prevention from hazardous objects plunging or compressing the feet at the workplace. This work boot has all the good protective qualities you must have at a budget-friendly price.

What are the toughest Timberland Pro safety boots?

Timberland Pro never fails to deliver the toughest and most reliable safety footwear product lines since 1952. One of Timberland Pro's best overall picks, based on reviews, is the Timberland Pro Endurance line. The Endurance footwear from Timberland has a durable upper body made of premium full-grain leather material with a cement and polyurethane construction, padded top collar, mesh lining, and fiberglass shank. It features a steel TiTAN safety toe cap, a dual-purpose cast metal top hardware, and a rubber backstay for extra protection. Endurance comes with a contoured single-density footbed for better airflow that keeps the foot dry and comfy throughout your work shift.

The Timberland Pro Boondock safety boot is another tough footwear Timberland Pro has for you. The Boondock series are made of high-quality leather material with waterproof properties to ensure dry feet in the face of wet working environments. It is constructed with an anti-fatigue cushion, padded collar, dual-purpose hardware, fiberglass shank, and a composite safety toe cap with a reinforced rubber-abrasion toe exterior layer for your foot's stability and EH safety in a hazardous workplace.

These Timberland Pro lines' outsoles guarantee resistance against slips, abrasions, punctures, and oil exposure. Get only the best and toughest from Timberland Pro.

Timberland Pro's best-selling features

Timberland Pro steel, composite, alloy, and soft-toe cap footwear

Steel toe boots are a must-have footwear for workers handling construction jobs and heavy industrial labor that consist of extremely dangerous elements causing intense impact or compression to one's feet. This safety toe is a standard among the rest of the protective toe caps because it prevents a wide range of injuries from slips, falls, cuts, abrasions, burns, punctures, and projectile impact. Timberland Pro Men's Pit Boss is one of the best collections for your steel-toe boot needs. Alloy-toe footwear is also molded from metal and provides almost the same impact resistance as steel-toe caps. However, alloy-toe footwear weighs lighter and costs more than steel-toe safety boots and shoes.

Composite toe-capped boots and shoes are best for working environments with electrical hazards. Timberland Pro has an array of comp-toe work footwear made from non-metal toe caps, such as Kevlar, plastic, fiberglass, or carbon fiber, to keep you safe from electrocution. They are lighter than steel-toe caps and are recommended for engineers, electricians, or workers handling technical operations. Soft-toe boots and shoes give minimal impact protection among other safety toe footwear. If you are working with less hazardous elements on a job site, footwear with soft toe caps is one to consider.

Metatarsal guards

Intensify your foot's resistance to impact by choosing footwear with metatarsal guards. Discount Safety Gear has these Timberland Pro 85516 Men's 6" Internal MetGuard and Timberland Pro External Met Guard 6" Steel Toe Leather Work Boots to shield your feet from heavy equipment compression or severe projectile impact caused by plunging objects in an unsafe job site. The metatarsal bones of your feet are surrounded by skin, without muscles, fat, or flesh to serve as a barrier to somehow deflect pressure. These bones will break easily without armor provided by metatarsal guards. The met guard's protection extends from the toes because of the safety toe caps to the metatarsal bones of the feet due to the met guards of your work boots.

Waterproof and insulation properties

Safety boots with a waterproof membrane like these Timberland Pro Women's Waterproof TiTAN Alloy and Timberland Pro Rigmaster 95553 8" Steel Toe Waterproof Work Boots are remarkable for wet working conditions to keep your feet dry and away from having uncomfortable blisters. The waterproof property blocks liquid from entering the boots, causing skin irritation that inhibits your productivity at work.

If you are operating in chilly and wet environments, waterproofed and insulated footwear is your feet's savior! Protect each stride against snow, rain, and wet surfaces by gearing up with Timberland PRO A2QVU231 Women's Direct Attach 6-Inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe or Timberland PRO 65016713 Men's 6" Direct Attach Insulated Waterproof EH Steel Toe Work Boots. Experience two-in-one comfort as you keep off your feet from getting damp while sustaining your body heat inside the footwear. The insulation improves blood circulation in your feet, ensuring warmth and hampering the spread of hypothermia from your feet to the rest of the body. The insulated interior lining also blocks moisture and cold outdoor elements from entering the boots, a perfect tandem with the waterproof membrane.

Slip-resistant soles

It is essential to keep your feet guarded against sharp objects you may encounter in an unsafe workplace. Timberland Pro PowerWelt Wellington Steel Toe Boots can take the physical challenges of a job site with their outstanding stability, welted together with open-cell polyurethane footbeds and outsoles for excellent traction on any terrain. This footwear is intended to resist oily surfaces and fights off electrical hazards. Slipping can cause body injuries and in some cases, fatality. Prevent those kinds of accidents by ordering Timberland Pro at Discount Safety Gear.

Anti-Fatigue Technology

Timberland Pro boots and shoes have a unique feature for your comfort. This work footwear brand is known for its anti-fatigue technology constructed in its inverted cone foam. This safety attribute lets your boot absorb shock and give back the energy to your feet with each step. One of the many products Timberland Pro has with this technology is the Timberland PRO A2QX7214 Women's Direct Attach 6-Inch Waterproof Insulated Steel-Toe Work Boots. Working hard while standing or walking long enough with Timberland Pro's anti-fatigue technology will prevent foot exhaustion.

Electric Hazard-Proof

One of the threats of a job site is being electrocuted, so you need electrical-hazard safety boots to resist electric currents and isolate your feet from the ground. This protective feature saves the entire body from electric shock in case you accidentally step on electrically-charged surfaces. Timberland Pro puts forward the Pit Boss EH steel toe boots and 26002713 Men's 8" Direct Attach Steel Toe Insulated EH WP Work Boots for your safety executing tasks on the field.

Different styles for your safety needs

Timberland Pro work boots for men and women

Timberland Pro offers a wide range of safety boots for men and women to ensure protection at the workplace. Discount Safety Gear has the privilege of carrying Timberland Pro's outstanding safety boot collections with various protective and comfortable characteristics that ensure workers' productivity in any working condition. Get the maximum level of protection you need while working in rugged places. When shopping for safety work boots at Discount Safety Gear, always look for Timberland Pro for your feet's safety, stability, and style.

Men's and women's safety shoes and sneakers

Safety shoes combine different colorful designs with functional benefits to get a worker through a dangerous work site. This footwear is lighter than protective work boots, giving more comfort and easy maneuvering in a working space. However, safety shoes don't provide the same degree of protection as safety boots. Timberland Pro safety shoes are nothing like the others because each pair boasts quality protection that is almost on par with Timberland Pro's safety boots. Grace every stride with style as these safety shoes flaunt athletic and sneaker styles that can pair well with work and casual outfits.

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