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High-Visibility Safety Jackets

The best hi-vis reflective safety coats for men and women

Layer your protective outfit with a high-visibility safety jacket to keep you warm and away from danger within low-lit and accident-prone workplaces. Discount Safety Gear provides a wide assortment of women's and men's jackets and coats, with those having high-vis designs to enhance a worker's visibility on the job site. This hi-vis outer clothing is perfect to wear on construction sites, roadside works, or any place without enough lighting to recognize the people working there. Our array of hi-vis safety jackets not only offer their trademark fluorescent colors and reflective stripes but also have protection features to serve the specific needs of the laborers and their working environments. High-visibility jackets guarantee your protection from hazardous elements, even in the freezing cold and drenching rain. Shop your safety apparel at Discount Safety Gear.

ANSI Class 2 and 3 rated hi-vis fluorescent jackets

ANSI-rated high-vis jackets give extra assurance to one's daily safety at work. However, workers need to understand which ANSI high-visibility category matches the job description they are assigned to and the hazards in the work environment that they will face throughout the workday. Discount Safety Gear lines up various ANSI-certified Class 2 and 3 hi-vis apparel to provide maximum protection for you and the rugged workplace you operate in.

For workers handling low-lighted job sites or roadworks with traffic of at least 25mph but not over 50mph, ANSI Class 2 high-visibility reflective jackets are the perfect solution to improve their visual presence on site. Being spotted easily by moving vehicles or co-workers operating heavy machinery reduces the risk of accidents, injuries, or death. This standard requires ANSI Class 2 hi-vis jackets to present a minimum of 775 square inches of safety yellow or orange background fabric with 201 square inches of retroreflective stripes across the garment. These jackets are designed to keep toll booth operators, parking attendants working in high-volume car parks, airport workers, school pedestrian guards, survey crews, and even forestry laborers warm and highly recognizable whatever the weather brings that day.

ANSI Class 3 hi-viz jackets are recommended for working conditions with serious threats to the workers' safety. This rated safety apparel provides maximum protection to laborers designated in areas with over 50mph of moving traffic and job sites without proper illumination. These high-visibility jackets must have a minimum of 1,240 square inches of safety yellow or orange background fabric and a minimum of 310 square inches of reflective striping that will enhance a person's discernibility in the work area. Workers in road construction and roadside assistance are encouraged to wear this standard clothing for their safety in these conditions.

Waterproof safety work jackets for the rainy season

Maintaining visibility, safety, and comfort at work is the main priority of waterproof hi-viz workwear. This safety apparel makes a person highly visible in low-lit sites. The luminescent background material and reflective features help you stand out in a work area, even during a heavy downpour. But wait, there's more! Discount Safety Gear offers waterproof hi-vis jackets, rain gear, and bibs to keep you dry during a rainy day in the field. These high-visibility work jackets feature a waterproof membrane and sealed seams, making them impenetrable to water yet maintaining breathability for everyone's comfort. This waterproof outerwear can come with or without a detachable hood.

Insulated winter jackets

Why endure the chilly weather when you can wear insulated hi-vis winter jackets at work? Don't let the coldness of the season bother your good job performance! Discount Safety Gear has numerous safety hi-vis jackets to block the freezing weather and trap your body heat for extra comfort and protection. These coats and jackets are constructed with quilted linings, perfect for construction, utility, shipyard, transportation, and any job site that requires high-visibility clothes. Forget about getting frostbite! Rely on our high-visibility insulated jackets to keep you warm and visibly safe from the hazardous elements found at your workplace.

Safe clothing in different jacket styles

Work Jackets

Work jackets are great for employees handling manual labor in construction sites, factories, farms, and other tough workspaces. They are commonly referred to as chore coats or utility jackets. This clothing style is also enhanced by fluorescent background materials and reflective accents, increasing the worker's visibility within work areas that have insufficient lighting. At Discount Safety Gear, we offer lightweight yet durable hi-vis work jackets for easy movements and lasting protection against unfortunate situations on-site.

Fleece-lined jackets

Fleece is a kind of polyester fabric with synthetic fibers and insulating properties that give lightweight comfort to the wearer. This material is perfect as a remarkable layer for jackets and coats to provide exceptional warmth during cold seasons by trapping and maintaining the body heat inside the clothing. Discount Safety Gear's range of fleece-lined hi-vis jackets also has the quality to wick away sweat quickly and evaporate moisture while shielding you from the humidity of the weather outdoors. Don't wear yourself out by dealing with a freezing environment, check out Discount Safety Gear and grab one of our fleece hi-vis outerwear for your comfort and safety.

Hooded outerwear

Enjoy the warmth, enhanced visibility, versatility, and comfort of hooded high-visibility jackets. But first, let's distinguish the difference between a hoodie and a hooded jacket. Both styles offer warmth from your head to the bottom hem of your outerwear. Hoodie-styled tops are not constructed with a zipper line at the front that goes from the neck downwards. Hoodies can be worn as single-layered clothing or as an extra covering over your shirts for improved warmth. Simply put, hoodies are similar to long-sleeved shirts with head covers but do not have all the characteristics of a jacket. Hooded jackets, however, are designed with zippers or buttons and may have detachable headcoats. They may be tailored with additional linings to fight cold weather and special safety features to combat hazardous elements on the site.

Discount Safety Gear offers hooded hi-vis safety jackets you can use in any season. This outerwear assures comfort and protection as you deal with everyday manual labor outdoors. Hooded jackets provide maximum insulation as they sustain body heat from the top to the bottom of your upper body. To complement any season, some of our hooded jackets come with removable hoods.

Hybrid safety vest jacket

Plan your work clothes in time for the changing weather conditions. Putting on a hybrid safety vest jacket solves your wardrobe dilemma without compromising the comfort and protection you need at the workplace. Discount Safety Gear's Radians SJ510-3ZGS Quilted Reversible Vest Jacket converts to a gilet (pronounced ji-lay), a sleeveless jacket that you can wear as a layer over a long-sleeved shirt, such as the Custom OccuNomix Type R Class 2 high-vis long sleeve or OccuNomix Class 2 high-vis wicking birdseye long sleeve, for extra warmth but prevents your body from over-heating during a not-so-cold work day. The vest form allows for more free movements while also maintaining a warmer body temperature. You can zip on the sleeves, changing this safety workwear from a vest to a jacket type for the colder weather conditions.

Hi-viz parka

High-visibility parkas are best for workplaces with freezing weather conditions. This winter clothing is typically a long windproof coat constructed with well-insulating pads, quilt or fleece inner linings, and hoods, with some lined with fur to protect the face from chilly, snowy winds. This jacket type features excellent thermal insulation that regulates body heat in extreme winter conditions. Parka jackets available at Discount Safety Gear are weatherproof and thickly insulated, some with water-resistant properties, to safeguard workers from windy winter days on the field. They are designed with compliant safety colors, reflective tapes, and black bottom accents to emphasize one's presence within a low-lit, snowy job site. Protect yourself from frostbite and the risk of suffering hypothermia while doing your job efficiently and comfortably. Get your hi-vis parka today at Discount Safety Gear.

Windbreakers vs. Bomber jackets vs. Softshell jackets

Windbreakers, bomber jackets, and softshell outerwear are all intended to protect the wearer from the natural elements, each within different degrees and circumstances while working outdoors. However, each jacket type provides distinct attributes.

Windbreakers present a single-layered, tightly woven fabric construction with minimum weather protection. They are lightweight and tight-fitting compared to other jacket types. These windbreakers are worn during high winds, cold seasons, and rainy days, but they don't guarantee water resistance unless made with a waterproof membrane. Windbreakers safe keep the wearers from windchills and prevent body heat from escaping the fabric. This outerwear is perfect for dry, bright days with cool temperatures, particularly during the spring and fall.

Bomber jackets have a shorter shape than windbreakers, cut at waist length. These jackets are designed with roomy waist pockets, an elastic ribbed waist, and cuff bands to present a timeless style enhanced with highly visible luminescent background fabric and reflective stripes. Hi-vis safety bomber jackets are perfect for winter days to keep the workers warm and insulated while accomplishing their tasks with flying colors. Initially intended as flight jackets, bomber jackets available at Discount Safety Gear have wind- and weather-proof properties, enabling workers to withstand the coldest days that the workplace may have. Try our Rugged Blue Class 3 high-visibility bomber jacket for comfort and protection.

Softshell jackets are made of a breathable, stretchy, wind-resistant fabric, perfect for outdoor work and recreational activities. Though this outerwear may not be 100% weatherproof, it does have sweat-wicking attributes to allow certain air flow levels that keep the wearer comfortable while doing a range of motion such as manual labor on the job site. It is a reliable outerwear to layer over shirts on a dry and windy day outdoors.

Custom-printed high-visibility jackets

Discount Safety Gear helps to promote your business by printing your logo and other marketing details on your workers' custom high-vis jackets. Custom jackets require a minimum purchase of 12 hi-vis jackets per order and have a setup fee per 1- or 2-color logo per location. You can have your artwork printed on the chest and/or back portions of the jacket, depending on the style you ordered. We ship your custom-print orders two to three weeks after the approval of the artwork proof. Please call us at 1-877-411-0035 or e-mail to ask for a quotation regarding multiple artworks printed in different locations.

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