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Custom Safety Vests Banner Image: Looks great with your logo. A Great Way to Promote Your Business. Low Set Up & Only 12 Minimum. Shipped Right to Your Door!
Custom Safety Vests

Custom Safety Vests

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Custom Safety Vests - Showcase your brand with custom-print high-visibility reflective vests

Enable high visibility for your field employees working in low-lighted environments while promoting your company name. Personalizing their hi-vis vests with your logo and business details encourages brand recall. Discount Safety Gear's reflective vests are highly recommended for road workers, construction crews, and emergency response staff, alerting people about ongoing works in the vicinity with scarce lighting conditions. Safety vests, presenting their luminescent colors and retroreflective accents, help prevent accidents in occupational hazard sites and workspaces near moving traffic. Maximize the use of safety vests by protecting your employees doing rugged work and advertising your company at the same time.

How does Discount Safety Gear put the logo on hi-vis safety vests?

Discount Safety Gear imprints your artwork, logos, name texts, and other graphic designs directly onto the vest using the screen-printing technique. We allow one- or two-colored artwork requests to place on either the chest sides or back part of the vest, depending on the style and brand you choose. You may opt to have multiple images on different locations of your safety vest orders. Please contact 1-877-411-0035 or e-mail for a quotation. To avail of our custom-printing service, you must place a minimum order of 12 custom safety vests for a set-up fee per logo per location on one-color or two-color graphics. Purchase 20 or more custom safety vests and enjoy no set-up charges. This is a great deal that you don't want to miss!

Benefits of personalized screen-printed safety work vests

As a contractor or business holder, it is essential to provide your workforce with outstanding personal protective equipment. You don't have to overspend to get the high-quality workwear your employees need by buying their safety equipment from Discount Safety Gear. Screen-printed custom safety clothing is a cost-efficient technique that delivers remarkable and lasting prints on vests, jackets, shirts, sweatshirts, and other garments. This method is acceptable on nearly all types of fabric, showcasing clear images to boost awareness for your brand or company. Take a glimpse of our Custom Pyramex RVZ22 Type R Class 2 High-Vis Contrasting Trim Mesh Safety Vest to see an example of how we will do yours. At Discount Safety Gear, we offer the best products and services at a price that won't dig too much into your pockets.

Safety vests to match job requirements

What are OSHA-approved requirements for hi-vis-colored reflective clothing?

Choosing the right high-visibility safety vest relies on the job condition your workers operate in to ensure their protection from potential hazards. Discount Safety Gear provides an array of customizable safety vests that comply with the ANSI Class Standards suitable for construction, traffic, security, emergency, industrial, and other working environments where the workers' visibility is compromised. OSHA approves ANSI hi-vis clothing in yellow, orange, luminescent yellow-green, or florescent shade versions of these hues combined with reflective strips, all following precise measurements to comply with the ANSI Class 2 or 3 standards. We also have non-rated safety vests to equally bestow visibility to a person handling less dangerous tasks on site. Browse through our assortment to find which high-vis work vests you need and have us personalize them to give the finishing promotional touch.

Construction PPE worker vest

High-visibility safety vests, commonly called HVSA, are essential personal protective gear to keep construction works recognizable in low-lighted areas of the job site. Working near heavy machinery poses a potential safety risk, especially when operators of backhoes, bulldozers, excavators, loaders, and other types of machinery don't see you within their line of sight. Construction safety vests have different kinds, styles, and designs, but they all must comply with the safety standards matching the working environment of the laborers. Fortunately, you are in the right place for this PPE clothing. Discount Safety Gear has a variety of ANSI Class 2 rated vests, such as this Rugged Blue Class 2 Two-Tone High-Vis Surveyor Safety Vest, to meet and exceed the protective requirement your workers need for their safety.

Customizing your construction safety vests adds to the benefits of identifying staff easily on the field, as well as promoting corporate identity through the company logo's placement on this high-visibility clothing. Help your team to be noticed, not only because of their outstanding skills but for their safety in the workplace, too.

Reflector traffic vest

Increase worker visibility as they execute tasks in areas likely to have hazardous elements, such as those job sites close to nearby fast-moving vehicles or machines. Order reliable traffic safety vests like this custom General Electric GV076 Type R Class 2 High-Vis Safety Vest or custom Pyramex Safety RVZ24 Type R Class 2 Safety Vest from Discount Safety Gear to improve your workforce's visibility and keep them away from road accidents at any time of the day. Wearing high-visibility vests improves the wearers' chances to get noticed by drivers of approaching vehicles and machine operators. This PPE clothing increases the level of safety of laborers working in workplaces with scarce illumination, especially by putting on a protective vest in safety yellow, orange, or bright lemon colors and retroreflective stripes.

Warehouse safety vest

Manual labor in big industrial workplaces and storage sites like warehouses exposes workers to risky situations, especially when they are not equipped with proper workwear to keep them safe. Considering the dangers in rugged places of work with limited lighting, hi-vis reflective vests are must-have workwear for these types of environments. These job sites have forklifts, platform trucks, side loaders, hand trucks, pallet jacks, and hefty equipment roaming around the area. Workers without enough visibility may encounter injuries, so they must be recognizable to avoid getting caught up in unfortunate circumstances. Be spotted right away to prevent mishaps by gearing up with a highly-visible vest offered by Discount Safety Gear.

Mesh security vest

Policemen and workers engaged in security services also require highly recognizable clothing to minimize the risk of injuries and causalities caused by traffic accidents. The custom OccuNomix ECO-GC Class 2 Mesh Safety Vest and custom Pyramex RVHLM29 Type R Class 2 High-Vis Mesh Safety Vest are the perfect examples of high-visibility safety apparel that can add to these employees' level of protection while performing their jobs on the field. Regulations made by the current U.S. Department of Transportation’s Federal Highway Administration state that police officers operating on Federal-Aid highways must be equipped with ANSI-compliant high-vis vests to ensure their safety on the road. Implement transportation policies and law enforcement in the community while being safe working within an accident-prone area.

Non-ANSI rated vest

Non-ANSI safety vests have typically lower protective standards than the ANSI Class 2 and 3 levels provide. This unrated type of vest offers a range of colors and styles with some reflective tapes on the design, making it suitable for the workplace with much less hazard risks. Non-ANSI-rated vests are usually assigned to identify visitors, contractors, and other non-employees on site. Wearing non-ANSI vests in the presence of moving vehicles is allowed, but the speed limit of ongoing traffic must not exceed 25 mph. Discount Safety Gear provides an assortment of non-ANSI safety vests for custom-printing, such as the Rawhyde Frontier Non-ANSI Safety Vest and Pyramex RV1 Non-Rated High-Vis Safety Vest, perfect for the warehouse staff, event organizers, maintenance employees, parking lot attendants, site keepers, and visitors.

Are pink safety vests OSHA-approved?

Pink safety vests, however highly visible they present like this custom Safety Girl Non-ANSI High-Vis Pink Safety Vest, do not follow the ANSI safety standards and are not certified by OSHA regulations. This feminine-colored safety is not ideal for rugged working environments where dangerous elements are imminent. Pink vests exhibit style rather than reliable function, thus suitable for workplaces with lesser risks of injuries and fatalities. Discount Safety Gear allows customizations of pink safety vests for extra flair and brand promotion for workers not too exposed to unsafe working conditions.

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