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Disposable Sterile Vinyl Gloves for Medical & Food Service

Disposable vinyl gloves are a popular and cost-effective option for personal protective equipment (PPE) in a wide range of industries. These gloves provide the most basic level of protection against the spread of germs and contaminants

Disposable vinyl gloves are an excellent choice for use in the food industry, low risk tasks involved in the medical and dental industry and for basic maintenance and cleaning on the job or at home. These gloves are a popular and economic option and alternative to latex as personal protective equipment. Vinyl gloves are made from polyvinyl chloride or PVC and are a synthetic powder free material. They provide a very basic level of protection against germs, suited for situations and use in the food industry for food prep and service, light cleaning with rudimentary cleaners and simple routine examinations in the dental and medical examination room. They provide an alternative to latex for those that may have latex allergies and have a longer shelf life. With a decent resistance to a variety of acids and bases, these can be quite beneficial for food handling and other industrial applications.

While being a popular and cost-effective choice for most people, disposable vinyl gloves do still have their disadvantages and are not made for every situation. Vinyl gloves typically have a looser fit than latex and nitrile gloves which is what keeps them in the category of a lower tier/ risk/ demand product. They can be more susceptible to tears, rips and holes than latex or nitrile gloves, making them less ideal to use with stronger chemicals and sharp objects. These gloves are also not made to be used in situations where extreme accuracy and precision is needed, this would involve situations such as in the operating room or work involving extremely small applications that require more dexterity. It is not recommended that disposable vinyl gloves be used with hazardous materials or high contamination bodily fluids, as this is beyond their capability for safeguarding, neoprene and nitrile gloves are more in line with these demands.

Bearing all of this in mind, vinyl gloves are still an inexpensive option that offers short term protection against the spreading of germs and contaminates in low-risk settings. This would involve work in the food industry, healthcare, cosmetics and beauty care, automotive and manufacturing, janitorial and housekeeping and in general industrial settings. They are made to be used for a short period of time and in situations where gloves may need to be changed quickly and frequently. Coupled with their lower cost, this makes vinyl gloves a great choice for restaurants, medical offices, salons, factories and other places that may have a high demand for the volume of gloves being used.

Bulk and Wholesale Vinyl Gloves

Discount Safety Gear does offer bulk and wholesale items to qualifying customers. This will usually apply to businesses, resellers, non-profit and charitable organizations. Feel free to give us a call @ 1-877-411-0036 or e-mail us with any questions or concerns regarding wholesale options.

Are vinyl disposable gloves safe?

Vinyl disposable gloves are safe to use in low-risk situations that do not involve hazardous or strong chemicals and materials or high contamination bodily fluids. It is not recommended that vinyl gloves are used in situations where they can easily be torn or ripped.

What is the difference between nitrile and vinyl gloves?

The difference between Nitrile Gloves and Vinyl Gloves is in the materials they are made of and the applications in which each kind of glove is going to be used. Nitrile gloves are made of a nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR), while vinyl is made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Nitrile gloves offer more protection than vinyl gloves, protecting against viruses and certain chemicals and a better fit with more dexterity. Vinyl gloves are a less expensive option than nitrile gloves and can be used for a majority of low-risk situations that doesn't involve the use of harsh chemicals or certain microorganisms. Nitrile gloves are typically used in tattoo parlors and heavy janitorial settings as well as being blue or purple. Vinyl gloves are used in restaurants, hair salons and in house cleaning and are usually clear.

Are vinyl gloves latex free?

Vinyl gloves are latex free and one of the cheapest alternatives to rubber gloves. They can be worn for a longer duration of time without any concern of skin issues associated with latex as they do not have any latex present.

Is latex or vinyl gloves better?

Latex gloves and vinyl gloves each have their own advantages and disadvantages in certain situations and for different people. Both are a versatile choice and offer at the very least basic protection against germs and contaminates. Latex gloves offer more of an advantage in being a better fit, more elastic and the highest level of protection against viruses between the two. However, with the protein found in latex, this may cause some people to have an allergic reaction making it not suitable for some users. Vinyl gloves provide a very basic protection and are more cost effective than latex. They also provide the user with a latex free experience ensuring that people with a latex allergy will not have a reaction.

In short, each is going to be useful depending on the environment and people who are going to use them. Latex gloves while offering the best protection against microorganisms between the two may not be useful for everyone. This would include people that either have a latex allergy or don't work in high contamination medical environments. Vinyl gloves offer enough protection to take care of most of low-risk activities that don't involve harsh chemicals or chances for high contamination.

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