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Whay wear a mask?
Face Masks

Face Masks

Disposable masks or disposable respirators may be worn to reduce respiratory exposure. The masks/respirators must fit snugly against the face, provide a seal, and remain fluid resistant. It’s recommended that wearers are fitted so that they can select the correct size and model. The wearer must perform a seal check every time a respirator is worn. *Surgical masks do not provide maximum protection compared fitted masks or respirators. Surgical masks are not designed to seal against the face and during the breathing process, the air escapes from the gaps between the face and surgical mask resulting in contamination.

N95 particulate respirators reduce the exposure to certain airborne particles. Currently, health advisors and authorities have not documented EVD as being transmitted from infected individuals via expired airborne Ebola Virus. Disposable, fitted masks play a great part in providing a barrier from coughing, sneezing, vomiting, and medical procedures.