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Shop our large collection of high-quality safety glasses and eye protection goggles from top safety brands including 3M Safety, Crews, CrossFire Safety Eyewear, Pyramex Safety, Uvex, and many more. We can personalize your order by printing your name and/or logo onto the lens or temple of the glasses. View our custom safety glasses here!

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Safety Glasses -Work with the best eye protection for men and women

The eyes are one of the most delicate parts of the body, exposed to the elements every day and it is essential to keep them protected. To prevent blindness and eye irritations that can affect the quality of one's life and work, Discount Safety Gear offers a range of protective eye gear to maintain your safety. We have the best and most trusted brands of safety work glasses, such as 3M, Carhartt, Crews, DeWalt, Pyramex, UVEX Safety, Rugged Blue, and more, presenting various frames, shades, features, and colorful frames to ensure both function and stylish eyewear. Browse through our clearance line to grab a design before you miss them. Discount Safety Gear's safety eyewear is also available for wholesale orders to supply the eye protection your manpower requires at the workplace. Secure workers' and recreationists' eyesight worldwide by getting the best protective glasses only at Discount Safety Gear.

What are the three types of safety glasses?

There are three categories of safety glasses to suit the protection requirements of a workplace.

At Discount Safety Gear, we offer directly vented protective eyeglasses recommended for lighter tasks. This type of eyewear is constructed with a space below the lens to prevent steam or moisture from disrupting the worker's clear vision, especially in humid work sites.

Non-vented safety eye gear styles have a sealed part around the eyes to block fine particles, gaseous compounds, and liquid chemical sprays that cause irritation and discomfort.

The third protective type shows off an indirectly vented design, combining the safety attributes of the first two eye protection categories. Indirectly vented work glasses feature a covered vent to allow airflow under the lens and suppress vapor between the eyes and lenses. This design can also stop toxic chemical spatters from entering the protective eyewear.

The distinction of working sunglasses with clear, tinted, polarized, and mirrored lenses

Safety eyewear with clear andshaded lens options not only adds to the style of your protective eyeglass but also serves specific functions to aid your vision at work. Transparent lenses warrant a detailed field of vision for well-lit indoor and outdoor job sites. The wearer enjoys distortion-free eyesight using a pair of these work glasses.

Clear lenses are commonly regarded as the standard lens tint for all eyewear. The application of darker tints on the lens depends on the working conditions one is subjected to or if the wearer has light-sensitive eyes.

Shaded eyeglasses have various types using different technologies to control specific light rays from getting to the eyes and causing impairment or eye strain. Tinted lenses reduce the brightness and UV rays that pass through each lens but do not block harsh glare. They are not recommended for indoor use except if the tint is for a particular indoor radiant energy hazard.

Polarized Safety Glasses lessen glare exposure projected by water, snow, highways, windscreens, or other reflective surfaces and maintain clear vision with UV protection.

Safety glasses with mirrored lenses shield the wearer from ultraviolet light radiation and glare manifested by hard surfaces like metal and roads. These lenses provide better strength because they are made with an extra layer of metal reflective coating.

What type of safety glasses does OSHA require?

Prevent hurting eyes by wearing certified safety glasses at the workplace. OSHA approves eye protection that meets or exceeds the ANSI Z87.1 safety standards to minimize accidents caused by fine particles, light radiation, chemical, gaseous, mechanical, or airborne hazardous elements. OSHA prohibits wearing photochromatic lenses while operating on a job site since the shifting tinted lenses result in a fleeting weakened vision once the light shifts from bright to dim or the other way around.

The advantages of ANSI Z87.1- certified eye protection for construction work

Discount Safety Gear guarantees top protection with an array of protective eyewear compliant with the American National Standard Institute or ANSI. ANSI Z87.1 standard pertains to the dependable safety of Occupational and Educational Personal Eye and Face Protection Devices, safeguarding the eyes from impact, liquid spray exposure, and non-ionizing radiation. Rated eye protection possesses the ANSI Z87 approval mark, meaning the safety glasses have resilience against impact. Any eyewear with a Z87+ ANSI rating is most suitable for extreme working conditions with high mass and velocity impact vulnerability, reducing the risk of lens penetration. Always keep your eyes safe from impact, dust, radiation, chemical splash, and heat by wearing certified safety glasses on the job site.

Looking out for other safety eyeglasses features to wear

Over-prescription and bifocal safety glasses

Safety glasses over prescription eyewear deliver clearer eyesight without diminishing your 20/20 vision at the workplace. Over-Prescription Safety Glasses allow comfort while wearing two eyepieces at the same time with its unique temple bar construction. These over-glasses prevent the threat of your prescription glasses from getting broken as you accomplish the manual labor expected from you.

Bifocal safety glasses are the perfect solution for a worker's aging eyes and lessen the risk of unsafe reading. This type of protective eye gear has safety lenses with molded magnifiers that go with clear or shaded lens options. Read blueprints and documents clearly without changing into your regular reading eyewear. Safety and comfort are all in one frame with the range of eye protection offered at Discount Safety Gear.

Shooting protective eyewear

Safety glasses available at Discount Safety Gear not only cater to the workers' eye protection requirements, but we also have protective eyewear fit for recreational use. Shooting safety glasses, such as this pair of Pyramex Intruder Safety Glasses,save your eyes from catching gunpowder, small debris, or hot brass flying off after a round of firing your rifle or pistol. This eyewear comes in different shades to protect the eyes from too much sun exposure when shooting in an outdoor firing range.

Reliable side shields

Buy a pair of safety glasses with built-in side shields or add detachable ones with your existing protective eyewear to enhance your eye protection from dust, debris, and other small elements in the workplace. Side shields are defensive tools to keep your eyes safe from flying wood splinters, metal shavings, and liquid sprays. Most eyeglasses are designed with temple bars that expose the sides of each eye. So for insecure job sites, blocking your eyewear's gaps with a durable set of side shields helps improve your chances of staying safe at work.

Protective goggles

Safety Goggles are protective eyewear designed to sit directly on the face and seal the eyes entirely against mists, vapors, fumes, splatters of liquid or chemicals, biohazards, dust, plastic projectiles, or metal swarf. This personal protective equipment commits complete protection around the eyes, perfect for intense working conditions with extremely hazardous elements. Guard your eyes against impairment or blindness at worse by putting on durable, enclosed safety eyewear.

Anti-fog attributes

Execute your tasks without the steam in between your eyes and the things you're working on by wearing safety glasses with anti-fog features. Anti-Fog Safety Glasses regulate immediate changes in the working environment, fighting hot temperatures and humidity that produce moisture from body heat or breath. Persistent fog formation within your protective spectacles causes you to put down your eyewear, leaving you unsafe against the hazardous elements surrounding you at the workplace. Improve your vision and enhance your productivity without worrying about this discomfort.

Scratch-resistant lens

Scratches on the safety glasses' lenses are one of the reasons for a worker's blurred vision. Visual clarity is important in operating power tools, machinery, or other strenuous manual labor. Scratch-resistant protective eye gear offers protection, comfort, and durability since its coated lenses provide extra strength against impact. This eye protection is less susceptible to acquiring surface scrapes and scratches on the lenses and is less at risk of breaking upon forceful contact with an object. Scratch-resistant lenses put forward an extended lifespan of up to two years, depending on the intensity and frequency of use against external working factors.

Protective work eyewear with comfy fitting frames

Getting the right fit for your safety glasses is essential for maximum protection and comfort. Protective eye gear must sit properly on the wearer's face without hitting the eyelashes and have enough coverage to shield the eyes that does not hinder one's peripheral vision. Discount Safety Gear has a variety of protective glasses with small frames for petite faces and bigger ones to accommodate larger head sizes. Safety glasses are intended as an effective barrier for your eye protection. Their function is useless if they fall off on your nose bridge. Choose what best suits you and find it here at Discount Safety Gear.

Visitor safety glasses

Everyone must be protected in an insecure working environment. Extend eye protection to your guests at the workplace with equally durable and resistantvisitors' work eyewear like this pack of ten MSA safety glasses. This eyewear, available at Discount Safety Gear, complies with ANSI and OSHA regulations perfect for different work applications, such as agriculture, chemical plants, construction sites, electrical utility, mining, and other workplaces with hazardous elements.

Custom safety glasses

Customizing your workers' personal protective equipment with your company logo is a great advertising strategy to boost the business' brand awareness.Custom-printed eyewear also shows that a company values worker safety on the job site. Discount Safety Gear offers this custom service by imprinting your logo on the lens or temples of your preferred safety glasses. We ship your personalized protective eyewear within five to seven business days. Give us a call at 1-877-411-0035 for more inquiries about this service, and our customer representatives would be excited to help with your corporate needs.