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Flame Resistant Sweatshirts

Flame Resistant Sweatshirts

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Bundle up, get comfortable, and comply with safety standards all at once when wearing a flame resistant sweatshirt or hoodie. All of our FR outer layers are specifically designed for increased comfort while keeping you safe. Whether you need a casual protective layer or high-visibility for the job. Discount Safety Gear has you covered!

Note: Flame and fire resistant clothing is commonly referred to as "FRC", or "FR Clothing"

Flame resistant sweatshirts & hoodies are everything you've come to expect from a traditional hooded sweatshirt, and more! They create a warm and comfortable solution to protecting yourself from hazards during the workday. At Discount Safety Gear we stock a full selection of FR sweatshirts and hoodies from top brands like Black Stallion, Bulwark, Carhartt, KEY Industries, MSA, Occunomix, and Wrangler!

The difference between clothing worn everyday and FR clothing is the fabric and materials. All of our flame resistant garments are engineered from durable protective materials which have been treated to allow safety garments to self-extinguish upon the removal of an ignition source. When exposed to fire or an explosion, many clothing fabrics will ignite and continue to burn even after the flame source is removed. Some will also melt onto the wearer’s body which can cause significant injuries and result in more damage than the initial incident.

Fire and Flame-resistant clothing is specially designed so that it’s less likely to catch fire when exposed to combustion and high temperatures, and it's made from durable materials which have been treated to allow safety garments to self-extinguish upon the removal of an ignition source. These protective layers are great for those who work in industries such as contracting, electric utilities, refineries, drilling & mining, manufacturing, welding, and more.

Whether you need flame resistant Sweatshirts, Coats & Jackets, or Coveralls, Discount Safety Gear has you covered with a huge selection of quality flame-resistant products from the worlds best FR brands. Shop now and browse FR products like Headwear, Overalls, Pants, Rain Gear, Safety Vests, Shirts, and Accessories. For those looking to stand out on the job, check out our High-Vis FR Sweatshirts made from highly-visible colors such as orange, yellow, and bright green. The bright colors on high-vis clothing are proven to increase worker safety by enhancing your visibility to those around you.

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Our customer service department is standing by ready to assist you at 1-877-734-2458

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