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Boot & Shoe Accessories

Boot & Shoe Accessories

For Servus and Neos we have these great accessories! Get a pair of second soles for your Servus boots or a pair of insoles for your NEOS boots. Got a pair of NEOS boots you need to tote around well the stuff sack makes transporting a breeze! Check them out!

For extra footing and insulation, Discount Safety Gear carries add-on accessories by Servus and NEOS. Servus makes Second Soles, rubber soles that sit over regular shoes and boots to add extra traction for ice and greasy surfaces. In the case that you’re working in wet or cold working conditions, NEOS makes EVA insoles, which add an extra layer of insulation to a pair of regular work boots. To store either of these accessories, or any pair of overshoes, NEOS also makes a Stuff Sak to store overshoes and boots.