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Discount Safety Gear offers a variety of protective footwear styles designed to provide maximum comfort and safety while withstanding tough work, day in and day out. Shop now and keep your feet protected with affordable safety boots by leading brands like Carolina, Justin, Carhartt, Iron Age, Timberland, Wolverine, and more!

The best work footwear for both men and women

When it comes to top-quality workwear filled with outstanding safety features, Discount Safety Gear provides you with the best selection of trusted brands. From safety boots, clothing, hard hats, protective eyewear, accessories, and boot care tools, we have a wide range of Personal Protective Equipment fit for the toughest of jobs. Our top-rated safety footwear is supported by hardwearing upper body materials, safety toe caps, metatarsal guards, comfortable interior linings and construction, and tough outsoles to keep you out of danger in unsafe workplaces. Discount Safety Gear presents a variety of safety boots and shoe styles, showcasing traditional safety work boots, athletic- and casual-looking shoes, and iconic Western-inspired work boots. Work safely and in style at an affordable price.

What is the difference between work boots and safety boots?

Work and safety boots both guarantee foot protection while on rugged job sites, however, they vary in the degree of protection that each provides to prevent foot injuries. How do you know which footwear is the best for your work environment?

Work boots are good to wear in hazardous job sites as they have general protective features to resist rigid conditions. They are constructed with safety toe caps to deflect the impact or compression caused by plunging objects, tools, or heavy machinery. Work boots are made with thick soles that have good traction, restraining the wearer from slipping on oily and sloppy surfaces. Most work boots have an ankle-high design, and some with insulating liners to give support and warmth to the workers' feet. This safety footwear is perfect to use in jobs requiring long hours of walking, standing, and lifting.

Safety boots have specialized features to protect workers from distinct hazards brought on by high-risk tasks found in construction sites, factories, mining locations, and industrial plants. Their upper body design uses hardwearing materials and reinforced protective toe caps to reduce impact from projectile objects and sharp object penetration. This footwear has fortified outsoles for puncture resistance and electrical insulation in some styles.

Discount Safety Gear combines the protective attributes of both of these types of footwear in one form, offering safety work boots for improved foot protection, comfort, and support, despite dangerous job situations.

Features of top safety boots and athletic-styled sneaker work shoes

Protective steel, composite, and other safety toe boots and shoes

Discount Safety Gear carries safety work boots with different safety toe caps suitable for diverse workplaces with varying levels of hazard exposure. The safety work boot brands featured in Discount Safety Gear's protective footwear portfolio include steel-, composite-, alloy-, and soft-toe cap boots to bring certain degrees of impact resistance depending on your assigned workplace. An array of safety steel-toe boots comprises the majority of our protective footwear line, ensuring maximum defense against falling and rolling objects on-site. These metal-toe caps are made of iron and carbon to ensure better impact resistance and fracture prevention for industrial, construction, warehouse, and other workplaces exposed to intense impact hazards. Alloy toe safety work boots offer nearly the same impact resistance but are lighter than those with steel toe caps.

Composite toe work boots are perfect for workspaces with metal detectors and other electrical hazards. Though their impact resistance is lower than steel toe-capped boots, comp-toes are best to prevent electric shock caused by accidental contact with unkept power lines. Composite toe caps are made of durable non-metal materials, such as carbon fiber, plastic, fiberglass, and Kevlar, making them a must-have safety footwear amongst engineers, electricians, and other people handling technical operations. If you are working with very few impact hazards, soft-toe work boots are enough to keep you safe and comfortable all day.

Waterproof and insulation properties for men and women

People working in wet environments need foot protection that not only deflects impact, compression, sharp objects, and slippery terrains but also protection from the wetter elements. Gearing up with waterproof and insulated safety work boots and shoes keep the feet dry and warm despite a rainy or stormy day on-site. The waterproof membrane shields the feet from liquid penetration while the insulated lining traps the body heat inside the footwear to sustain warmth. These safety features prevent skin irritation like blisters and hypothermia from spreading from the feet to other body parts. Having specialized safety footwear is essential for certain weather conditions. Make sure you have yours on the rack by shopping at Discount Safety Gear.

Lightweight yet high-quality, durable construction

Exhausted feet no more! Discount Safety Gear provides a selection of lightweight yet hard-wearing protective footwear to maintain your productivity at work. Our line of light safety work boots and shoes preempt foot strain and are not difficult to move with because you don't need to drag them around. A pair of Timberland Pro's 85520 Men's 6" Titan Trekker Leather EH Alloy Toe Work Boots is one of the many lightweight foot protection Discount Safety Gear has to offer. It is made of soft waterproof leather and has TiTAN alloy toe caps, heat-resistant soles, and a 360-degree lightweight comfort perfect for everyday use at work. Discount Safety Gear's boots and shoes help you perform tasks lightly and easily but never compromise safety.

What are the best and most comfortable work boot brands?

Men's Wolverine safety work boots

Wolverine supplies some of the most trusted work boots and shoes available on the market. Their work boots guarantee safety, functionality, maximum comfort, and outstanding craftsmanship at the best possible price. The Wolverine W08288/W08289 6" Moc-Toe Work Boots are some of our fan favorites. This Wolverine product is made of full-grain leather upper and your choice of steel- or soft-toe caps. This footwear also has a fully cushioned footbed, a rubber midsole, and a lightweight nylon shank. It has a shock-absorbing polyurethane wedge outsole for great traction to resist oil, abrasion, and slipping in wet work environments.

Meanwhile, the Wolverine W10788 Men's I-90 EPX Waterproof CarbonMAX Safety Toe Work Boots feature a versatile construction with ASTM F2413-11 M I/75 C/75 EH ratings. Each pair of these boots has a waterproof leather upper body and CarbonMAX™ safety toe caps for durability and protection. The I-90 EPX work boot promises comfort with its moisture-wicking mesh lining, fatigue-fighting EPX™ footbed, and a supportive nylon shank to keep you stable. Its outsole is made of an abrasion-resistant material with a direct attach construction. Experience comfort with every step by ordering Wolverine I-90 EPX safety boots from Discount Safety Gear.

Timberland Pro for Men

Timberland Pro has a wide assortment of safety footwear known for its long-lasting, comfortable, high-performing protective work boots and shoes. This brand features a selection of outdoor and indoor foot protection to help you deal with strenuous workplaces and maintain your feet's safety against the harsh elements of an uncertain job site. Timberland Pro boasts its long history and experience in work shoemaking, supplying well-crafted footwear that works as hard as you do. Each Timberland Pro product showcases multiple safety features, such as safety toe caps, metatarsal guards, electrical hazard protection, waterproof and insulation properties, cushioned interior, durable exterior, and outsoles that resist slipping, oil, and abrasion. You deserve to be safe at all times and with Timberland Pro you get maximum foot protection. Shop at Discount Safety Gear and find the best Timberland Pro safety footwear suitable for your needs.

Safety Girl for the working women

Safety Girl is an exceptional brand for the hardworking woman handling manual labor. This brand answers women's needs when it comes to fit and style to keep them protected and comfortable as they do the tough work in rugged work environments. Discount Safety Gear presents this Safety Girl II Insulated Work Boot made of soft yet hardwearing Nubuck leather upper and available in a soft- or steel-toe cap. This safety footwear ensures warm and dry feet all day long with its 400g 3M Thinsulate insulation and waterproof lining. It also guarantees a good grip on oily surfaces as this boot has reliable outsoles to prevent you from slipping. Get your new Safety Girl boots only at Discount Safety Gear and Online Stores.

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