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Discount Safety Gear Wholesale offers hundreds of different hard hats varying from Cap, Full Brim, Cowboy, Graphic, Sports, Custom, and Hydrographic styles. We carry all of the top brands like Bullard, Fibre Metal, Pyramex, MSA, North, Vulcan, and more.

Hydrographic Hard Hats: Looking to stand out? Try our new Rugged Blue Hydrographic Hard Hats made at our facility in New Stanton, PA! Our Hydrographic Hats are created using a water immersion method that applies the printed design to the three-dimensional surface. Our Hydrographic Hard Hats do not interfere with any OSHA or ANSI regulations. All of the hard hats used in the hydro-dipping process are ANSI rated. We strive to keep all of our Hydrographic Hard Hats in stock at all times and we are constantly updating and adding new films to our selection. Check out our most popular Rugged Blue Custom Hydrographic Black/Gray Carbon Fiber Hard Hat! We also offer other films like Camo, Hotleaf Camo, Muddy Girl, American Flag, Stickerbomb, Skulz, and Lost Soulz. Our pricing blows all competitors out of the water - you can expect to pay anywhere from $59.99 - $79.99 PER hard hat from other companies. Our hydrographic technicians are certified with professional experience.

Custom Hard Hats: We know that you value your safety, that's why we offer top brands like MSA, Pyramex, Fibre Metal, Bullard, North, and Vulcan (OccuNomix). Choose from a wide selection of cap, full brim, cowboy, and bump style hard hats. Our Custom Hard Hats are created by using high-quality ink colors to print directly onto the hat. We do not use stickers! We guarantee our prices are lower than our competitors. For additional logo or name locations please call 1-877-411-0036. Most hard hats ship 10 days after proof approval and in-stock hard hats ship 5 days after proof approval.

Hard Hat Accessories: Discount Safety Gear has all of the hard hat accessories you are looking for. Our selection includes Inserts, Suspensions, Brimguards, Visors, Brackets, Chin Straps, Hard Hat Shades, Winter Liners, Emblems, and Sweatbands. Choose from brands like Frogg Toggs, MSA, OccuNomix, 3M, Jackson, MiraCool, Pyramex, Uvex, and more.

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