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Shoe Covers

Shoe Covers

Protect your shoes, boots, and work area from dust and liquids with our sanitary shoe covers at Discount Safety Gear. Shop basic covers, slip-resistant covers, and water-resistant shoe covers from top brands. Our disposable shoe covers are great for factory work, indoor carpets, medical care, open houses, and general construction work.

Whether you need to protect your shoes and/or boots from dust and liquids while working on the job, or you need to preserve your jobsite's floors from dirty shoes. Discount Safety Gear has the shoe cover booties that are right for you!

Browse basic shoe covers, slip-resistant shoe covers, water-resistant shoe covers, and more from some of the top personal protective equipment (PPE) brands. Check out our disposable shoe covers as well! They are great for factory work, indoor carpets, medical care, open houses, painting, sanding, and other general construction work!

Some of our tried-and-true customer favorites include Keystone's water resistant single pair shoe covers, and the 50 Pack of Disposable CPE Shoe Covers

Shop Discount Safety Gear protective footwear now and choose from biohazard cleanup shoe covers, general first aid shoe covers, personal protection shoe covers, and more!

If you have any questions about our products, don’t hesitate to give us a call today! Our customer service department is standing by ready to assist you at 1-877-734-2458.